Our Story

Together We Make Life Matter

Two great families came together with a vision to develop something meaningful and help bring more value and wellness to others. The CBD industry can be a difficult place to journey through to find the right high quality products that you can trust and that truly meet your needs. Jeremy and Johnny put their many years of knowledge and experience together and created something beautiful with a mission to have a positive impact and help those in need.

“I work for the plant.”

Jeremy has a deep knowledge of cannabis, hemp, genetics, and has worked with big brands in the cannabis industry. He knows the systems, process, value, and importance of a healthy organic grow and extraction. As Jeremy says, “I work for the plant.” Cannabis has been a big part of Jeremy’s life for 25 years and he is a knowledgeable leader in the industry.

Like a lot of us, old sports injuries and other trauma within the body led him to search for something to manage his pain but not feel the effects of being high. As a business professional, he was in search of something other than pharmaceuticals to turn to. CBD was the answer and it helped him manage the pain without the psychoactive effects of THC. It has allowed for day to day activities to continue while managing the pain. This opened his eyes to the fact that so many others were suffering. He decided to use his years of experience in the traditional THC world of cannabis and educate others of the natural capabilities CBD promotes with healing and maintaining our bodies, without the high. Jeremy now gets to share the great benefits DYNAPURE brings him. After years of promoting the benefits that CBD offers and a desire to truly help people, Jeremy and Johnny came together. The two learned they each have very similar values, beliefs, and vision.


“Life is about giving back and with that, we make it a better place.”

Johnny has been tied to the community and giving back for many years. Most of his career has been spent on helping and raising funds for adults and children with intellectual disabilities, chronic pain, cancer, and PTSD. As a result, his heart warming compassion and empathy make him uniquely qualified to help select and correctly use the right DYNAPURE products. For many years, he and his team of Elite like minded people led one of the largest fundraisers of its type for the Special Olympics which created great opportunities for others. Johnny reflects back and says, “The smiles and happiness from the Athletes are Priceless.” He has also led fundraisers for children with cancer and is a supporter of Wounded Warriors. Saving lives and being in several critical incidents himself, he knows the importance and value of being there for others in need. “Life is about giving back and with that, we make it a better place.”

Johnny has been dealing with serious aches, pains, Tinnitus, and lack of sleep. Being in competitive sports through the years along with high impact critical incidents has had a deep strain on his body and wellness. He knows there are many people out there who have it worse and need help. A friend had mentioned that CBD might give benefits to what he was dealing with. He went on a journey to find something that worked for him. He tried several different products and learned there are a lot of poor quality products out there that have minimal to no relief and companies you can’t trust.

Through the journey, he learned how important it truly is to have a great source to turn to for high quality CBD products that you can trust. An elite partnership was created and DYNAPURE became an amazing resource and development. It’s not just about the products, it’s about the vision, mission, and culture of the company. Finding his own relief through DYNAPURE allows Johnny to share and help bring more comfort, value, and relief to others.