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What is the DYNAPURE Affiliate Program?

The FREE DYNAPURE CBD Affiliate Program has been designed to provide you with a risk-free opportunity to cash-in on the ever-expanding CBD market by offering DYNAPURE CBD to your family, friends and followers. As a DYNAPURE CBD Affiliate you’ll get a 25% commission every time you sell any of the DYNAPURE products. Some DYNAPURE Affiliates have been so successful with the Affiliate Program, that they’ve been able to use their earnings as their primary income, because the program offers exceptional earning potential for its Affiliates!

Refer-a-Friend and Earn!

An Affiliate Program is similar to a “Refer-a-Friend” program, but with unlimited earning potential. For every sale that comes through our website (using your Affiliate link), you’ll earn 25% of each sale. There’s no investment required at any time – it only takes a little enthusiasm and delivers a real opportunity for you and your family. We’re not a Network Marketing, Direct Sales or MLM company. You just need to set up a FREE account and start handing out & marketing your Affiliate link – your commissions will be sent out automatically on the 15th for the prior month.

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Start with Friends, Family, and Followers

You’d start by offering our premium Organic CBD products to your family, friends, and followers. It’s really easy and for each sale you make, you’ll get a commission! With our generous 25% commission, DYNAPURE CBD’s affiliate program offers exceptional earning potential for all of their affiliates. Very soon we will be creating DYNAPURE CBD posts that you an use on any of your Social Media sites (don’t forget your affiliate link!) and banners for use on your website or in any articles you might publish.  DYNAPURE is here to support you in every way possible so you can maximize your earnings. 

Amazing Results

We’re sure you’ve heard of all of the ailments that CBD is said to help. Initially CBD was found to help young patients with epilepsy, but as the popularity of CBD grew, reports also grew of the amazing results that users were getting on their various health related issues. And while the clinical trials are currently being conducted on CBD, more and more people are reporting each day how CBD helps with their pain, anxiety, sleep, and more.

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Custom Formulated

In addition to CBD each of our products has been custom formulated with things like Lavender Oil, Coco Butter and Peppermint Oil as well as a multitude of other all natural, safe herbs and supplements that (according to the NIH*) have been shown to provide effective results. If you know anyone with an ailment, you know people that could use CBD. Start earning money TODAY, it’s FREE to join and only takes a couple of minutes.

*National Institute of Health

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