Teacher Discounts

Thank You For Making
An Impact.

Teachers are a special breed that teach, guide and support our children from a very early-age to adulthood. They spend extra time one-on-one teaching students, or staying
after-hours to make sure they understand a subject. They often use their own money to
supplement the meager school budgets to provide the supplies their students need. They partner with parents and think of ways to solve issues and they’ve even put their lives at risk to protect their students when necessary. They do so much for all of us, for our children and our families that we felt that a special
discount needed to be created just for them. To thank our teachers, DYNAPURE CBD
would like to offer a special 30% discount on our products.

What They Deserve

We know it’s not as much as they deserve, it’s at least
one little thing that we can do that we hope will help
those who care for our kids nearly every day. DYNAPURE is proud to present all Teachers
(current & former teachers) with a 30% discount on CBD products.
The discount can be used for any regularly-priced item in any DYNAPURE store (online or in person). To receive your discount please use the button below to create an account and present your corresponding ID using our quick and easy to use
Verifypass System.

How It Works

Sign Up

Create a VerifyPass account or sign-in using the button below to retrieve and use your discount.


Follow the instructions to verify your teacher affiliation. (Documentation may be requested.)


Retrieve your discount code which will change every 24 hours and can only be used one time per day.

DYNAPURE is here to help you

Teachers really do stand on the front lines every day exposing themselves to the kids that show up with the flu or colds and COVID of course, so immunity and good sleep are important issues for them. Also aches and pains are common with Teachers that have to stand nearly all day and for this reason we are offering this discount. To find out more about DYNAPURE’S CBD click here or use the form on the contact-us page – the team at DYNAPURE is here to help you select the right product for your needs.

Teachers have always had a stressful job!

Teachers deal with immature complaints and constant whining every day… and that’s just from the parents! It can be challenging to keep a hectic classroom (in person or remote) focused and productive.

The pandemic has made organizing and educating students even more challenging. And yet the role of a teacher was never more important. Here at DYNAPURE, we wanted to thank and support our teachers out there.

We know they have ample daily stresses to manage. Both physical and mental. We’re here to help.


Teachers will be eligible to receive 30% off on all qualifying DYNAPURE products. Additionally, educators can receive free shipping on orders all US. Please keep in mind that our program offers this amazing discount all year long and unfortunately cannot be combined with any other sales or promotions.

Here at DYNAPURE, our mission is to help each person find the healthiest version of themselves through the power of plants.

We know that teachers work very hard, and we wanted to give them more than just school supplies.