Life is about helping, giving back, and having a positive impact. Each month we are going to Honor an Everyday Hero. We know there are great examples of people having a positive impact in someone’s life and we want to hear about it.

Everyone needs a helping hand now and again. Being there for others is important; and when we are, we can actually reap the benefits of having a positive impact in someone else’s life. Johnny has spent many years of his career helping those in need. With that, he has been involved in several critical incidents and in one of them was honored with the Medal of Valor.

It’s wonderful when people put themselves at risk to save others but showing kindness to your fellow human beings can be done in big and small ways, and no act of kindness is too small. Even a quick smile or an offer to help someone who dropped their keys is enough to put a smile on someone’s face and make their day. For this reason the DYNAPURE Family created an “Everyday Heroes” page. This is where they will compile and share stories from the community; stories in which everyday heroes have a positive impact in people’s lives.

How It Works:

Share your detailed story with us (as detailed as possible) about how this person has had a positive impact on your life or on the lives of people in your community. Send the details to us at: Heroes@DYNAPURECBD.com.

We will select a winner and send that person a special CBD gift valued at $200+. Along with that, we will make a donation to a Charity of your choice for $200 in honoring you.

We are sure you have seen an Everyday Hero in your life and we would love to hear about it!