First Responder Discounts

First Responders put their lives on the line for us, everyday.

First responders like Police Officers, EMT’S and
Firemen, give their time, their health, and even
their lives for those who need the most help.
Whether it’s transporting desperately ill,
contagious COVID-19 patients to the hospital or
freeing critically injured victims from mangled car
accidents, first responders show us what it
means to be a hero every day. First responders
help their fellow citizens in need and protect
each of us and our loved ones with little thought
to their own safety. What they do is greatly
appreciated by millions – saving lives and making
a positive difference in the world. To thank you,
DYNAPURE CBD would like to offer you a
special 30% discount on their products.

What They Deserve

It’s not as much as they deserve, but it’s at least one little thing that can be done to help those who respond to our needs every day. DYNAPURE is proud to present all public safety officers (current & former EMT’S, Firemen & Police Officers) with a 30% discount on CBD products. The discount can be used for any regularly-priced item in any DYNAPURE store (online or in person). To receive your discount please use the button below to create an account and present your corresponding ID using the quick and easy to use Verifypass System.

How It Works

Sign Up

Create a VerifyPass account or sign-in using the button below to retrieve and use your discount.


Follow the instructions to verify your First Responder affiliation. (Documentation may be requested.)


Retrieve your discount code which will change every 24 hours and can only be used one time per day.

DYNAPURE is here to help you

Police Officers, EMT’S and Firemen have special medical training & knowledge, many of which have switched from pharmaceutical drugs and over the counter medications, to all-natural CBD to address many of the issues that are common in their lines of work including joint and muscle aches and pains, headaches and sleep issues. To find out more about DYNAPURE’S CBD click here or use the form on the contact-us page – the team at DYNAPURE is here to help you select the right product for your needs.


DYNAPURE believes in honoring first responders for the sacrifices they make for our communities. After countless stories from police, firefighters, and EMTs about what CBD has brought to their lives, we have a better understanding of the challenges that come with their line of duty. Their stories inspired us to create the DYNAPURE First Responder Discount. This benefit is available to police officers, firefighters, and EMTs.

The 30% discount applies to every full-price item in our online store & brick and mortar.

Create an account or sign-in on our first responder affiliation page to retrieve and use your discount.

Why CBD for First Responders?

We recommend CBD for first responders as a source of well-being and calm in an otherwise hectic lifestyle. In a life of late-night 911 calls, natural disasters, and challenges only first responders can know, a little plant-based support can go a long way. You can use CBD any time of day, any day of the week. It fits in with your shifting schedules, overtime, and all-hands-on-deck situations.
We know many first responders are interested in health and fitness and are already ahead of us on this advice, but we recommend starting with small servings and working your way up till you find the right amount of CBD for you.