Those who serve, deserve our thanks.

The men and women who offer up their lives to protect our freedoms are more than heroic. There’s no doubt that the rest of us owe our lives and freedoms to the many who have served in the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard and now the Space Force. How can any of us show how much we appreciate those that have served?

What They Deserve

While we know it’s not even close to what they deserve, it’s at least one little thing that we can do that might help those who serve or have served. DYNAPURE is proud to present all active and former service members with a 30% discount on their CBD products. The discount can be used for any regularly-priced items in any
DYNAPURE store. To receive your discount please use the button below to create an account where you can present your military ID using our quick and easy to use Verifypass System.

How It Works

Sign Up

Create a VerifyPass account or sign-in using the button below to retrieve and use your discount.


Follow the instructions to verify your military affiliation. (Documentation may be requested.)


Retrieve your discount code which will change every 24 hours and can only be used one time per day.

DYNAPURE is here to help you

When you read through the feedback from people that have used CBD you’ll see that there are many from service people who rave about what CBD has done for them to relieve their pain, calm their nerves and take the edge off of their PTSD symptoms. These stories are encouraging and motivate us to continue to provide the best CBD products we can. To find out more about DYNAPURE’S CBD click here or use the form on the contact-us page – the team at DYNAPURE is here to help you select the right product for your needs.

Why DYNAPURE Offers Discounted CBD for Military Members and Veterans

DYNAPURE offers discounted CBD for military members and veterans because we want to support your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. We know health and well-being for each and every service member or veteran leads to happier, more active families, and safer, more peaceful communities. If our CBD can play a part in that mission, we would be honored and proud.

Furthermore, there are countless stories from vets and service members who are astounded by what CBD has done for them. You don’t have to research for long before you find them. This is uplifting, and it inspires us to be better every day. It makes what we do more meaningful.

The DYNAPURE CBD Military Discount

Here at DYNAPURE, we have the utmost respect for our nation’s servicemen and women, and that’s why we’re happy to offer a veteran’s discount. Without the hard work, sacrifice, and utter selflessness of these servicemen and women, we would not be where we are today.

DYNAPURE is one of the USA’s best-selling, most reliable CBD brands. Now, we would like to give something back to those who sacrifice more than most by offering our veteran’s discount for CBD oil.