The Best Hemp-Based Products on the Market

As a Premium CBD Company, we truly care about the quality of our products to best help our community. With our inhouse learning sessions, you’re able to hear and feel it for yourselves. It’s one thing to just put it in words, like most others, but it’s a world of difference to have the quality and learning brought to you in person so you can be confident and bring it home. Our community is our family.

Our Partnership with the Best sets us Apart

After going on a long research and due diligence journey, we have created and partnered with a team of next-level experts in the industry. This is an Elite Team who deeply cares to provide the highest quality Hemp-Based wellness products in the industry. Our cultivation and extraction teams are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified which also brings our process to the highest level. This enables us to bring the richest and purist hemp-derived phytocannabinoids to you.

DYNAPURE’s Next Level Process

First Step: Premium USDA Certified Cultivation

All of our Premium Hemp is grown on USDA Certified soil in the US. With that, the highest quality level of proprietary strains have been created. With our strict guidelines of high quality and pureness, we have surpassed all others.

Second Step: Harvest
Our family of farmers cares about quality and the end results. Unlike many others, we do not use the seeds, stems, leaves, or stalks. Through our top level milling process, freshness and purity continue.
Third Step: Premium Proprietary Extraction
We use a next level purification process that is USDA Organic Certified. This state of the art process produces the highest quality Hemp-derived CBD Oil. The pureness is free of nasty contaminants such as pesticides, waxes, solvents, and other undesirable compounds.
Fourth Step: The Removal of THC
We use a chromatography extraction process that is proprietary and USDA Organic Certified. Chromatography is the separation of a mixture by passing it in a solution or as a vapor. This is an extensive process as to why genuine USDA Organic Certified broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD products are so rare. Our lab results speak for themselves.
Fifth Step: Manufacturing and Premium Product Development
As you can tell by now, we don’t cut corners anywhere in our process which enables us to provide the highest quality Hemp derived CBD products. Our partners have a very large manufacturing facility that meets all the USDA Organic Certifications and meets all our Ultra Premium needs. It is registered with the FDA and follows CGMP (this is for planners and suppliers whose work is governed by the rules and regulations of the federal government).
Sixth Step: Third-Party Lab Testing
Every batch receives the most comprehensive testing available through a third party lab who is ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Certified. This ISO certification certifies that a management system, manufacturing and process, service, and documentation procedure has all the requirements for quality assurance and consistency. Every batch goes through a rigorous testing process to assure pureness and the highest quality possible.
Our Proprietary Nanoemulsion Technology
What is it and why is it important?
Nanoemulsions are nano-sized emulsions, which are manufactured for improving the delivery and absorption of active ingredients. Our premium hemp oil goes through a proprietary process that transforms into water soluble, nano sized particles which leads to greater absorption and highly enhanced effect. Since your body has difficulty absorbing oil, any water soluble product you consume will be more bioavailable, since 60% of our bodies are made of water.
To put the importance in perspective, the smaller the particles the quicker and greater the absorption. The percentage of CBD your body absorbs from a standard CBD product is about 10%. To make the standard product greatly better, we use the proprietary nanoemulsion technology which improves the absorption rate significantly. This process provides more bioavailability and greater absorption rates. Because of this, our nano emulsified CBD can bypass your stomach acids and enter your bloodstream quicker and in higher amounts.